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Versatile ABS Plastic Inspection Hatch 300 x 300mm (12x12”)

Versatile ABS Plastic Inspection Hatch 300 x 300mm (12x12”)

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  • VERSATILE ACCESS SOLUTION: Our hatch door is the perfect access panel for plasterboard, walls, and ceilings. Easily install it in your home or office for convenient access.
  • DURABLE AND SECURE: Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, this access hatch provides long-lasting protection and a secure cover for gas meters, boilers, and more.
  • SLEEK AND DISCREET: The white plastic cover seamlessly blends with any interior, maintaining an attractive appearance while concealing unsightly pipes and vents.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE: Choose from various sizes to fit your specific needs, whether it's for an inspection hatch, loft access panel, or covering a wall or ceiling opening.
  • IMPROVE AIRFLOW: Ensure proper ventilation with our access panel, preventing issues like poor air circulation and maintaining a comfortable environment in your home or bath.
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Versatile ABS Plastic Inspection Hatch - Access Panel for Plasterboard, UPVC Doors, and Loft - Various Sizes.

Introducing our versatile hatch door, the ultimate access solution for your home or office. Crafted from durable ABS plastic, it provides secure access to plumbing, electrical components, and storage spaces while concealing unsightly elements.

Key Features and Benefits:

Versatile Access:

This hatch door is designed for plasterboard, walls, and ceilings, offering easy access to various areas in your space.

Durable Construction:

Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, it ensures long-lasting protection for gas meters, boilers, and utilities.

Multiple Sizes:

Choose from various sizes to fit your needs, whether it's an inspection hatch, loft access panel, or wall/ceiling cover.

Improved Ventilation:

Enhance airflow and prevent issues like poor circulation, humidity buildup, and odors.

Easy Installation:

DIY-friendly design ensures straightforward installation for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Multipurpose Use:

Ideal for gas meters, boiler access, or concealing unsightly piping and wiring.

Client Reviews

It’s a good liner very strong I made a big waterfall out of it I have some big old rocks on top of it and I’ve never seen one hole I would recommend bye this for a waterfall or a pond it’s some good stuff


This was better than I imagined! Not your normal cheap tarp stuff (but was actually cheap in cost) it’s really strong heavy duty like a lorry trailer curtain. Would highly recommend 👌 10/10.

Marjorie Smith

Nothing to dislike.easy to wrap around plants.stood up to the snow &strong winds.wrapped standard bay trees,newly planted climbing jasmine&plants that needed lifting &protecting from hard frosts.

Cleone C.

Love this took a very large Willow tree out and had to hide a large trunk so put a small tree in place built the space up with lots of compost and put the fence round easy to strim round and to keep tidy.


I actually used this rope to make monkey fists for my dog, it lasts a long time my dog can’t seem to chew through it 😁

Joe Hallam

Great tap unit, well made tap with rotary head and fittings / ptfe tape included. Only downside is slow flow rate due to small bore through body.

Mrs M A Paterson

I live in a four in a block upstairs and have never been able to us a hose until now, always had to use neighbour’s outside tap. Thank you to whoever invented this.

Amazon Customer

Ordered this a bit uncertain but it absolutely did what i wanted. Was unsure it would fit my taps as it was on the limit but I should never have doubted.

G W Woodward

Brought this after the UV from the sun had made my other one brittle. Had few heavy down pours and this hose has done us proud.


In use this in combination with a filter inlet to do water changes on aquarium hose a perfect fit and is easy to start syphon


Does exactly what I expected. Easy to install and layout in my triangle shaped flower bed. Pegs not great but that doesn’t affect the product

Jonathan Knight

Bought this to make it slightly easier to fill up my ad blue on the lorry. Although the end of the spout isn’t quite small enough to go inside the add blue filler does the job really well?

Busy lizzie

I am a lady who loves gardening, this product was easy to use. Screws in place with a drill and sits perfectly recommend seller and product.


Great value for money, slot cheaper than anywhere else. It is very flexible, easier to cut and very easy to work with, definitely recommend.

Steve Erwin a brown

My friend asked me to help him at Glastonbury festival and I used this hose for his gas fryer and oven wow I got so much work going on now I’m starting to sell my ideas of outside kitchen plans